Q: How do I contact Advocate Health Supply Chain Alliance (AHSCA)?
A: Select Contact Us

Q: What makes Advocate Health Supply Chain Alliance different from other Group Purchasing Organizations?
A: Advocate Health Supply Chain Alliance is dedicated to providing high levels of commitment to its suppliers, product standardization within those contracts and reduced supply expenses for its participant hospitals.

Q: How is this commitment achieved?
A: Each facility makes a commitment to purchase 90% of its product requirements for products available under committed monitored AHSCA contracts.

The direct involvement of the users in contract decisions ensures that the products selected meet quality and service requirements and has resulted in high levels of commitment to contracts.

Q: What is the geographic scope of Advocate Health Supply Chain Alliance?
A: Advocate Health Supply Chain Alliance has hospital participants in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Illinois. 

Q: What criteria does Advocate Health Supply Chain Alliance use to select contracts?
A: The proposal providing the best total value to AHSCA participants is selected. The total value is the combination of:

  • product or service quality
  • service 
  • price

Q: Are Advocate Health Supply Chain Alliance participants members of any other Group Purchasing Organizations?
A: Advocate Health Supply Chain Alliance and its participants are members of Premier. AHSCA may select certain Premier contracts for use by the participant hospitals.