Hurricane Florence

Mobile Medicine Deployment

As of Wednesday, Sept. 19, within just 24 hours of setting up, MED-1 saw 110 patients in Pender County. They range from sick patients to trauma to cardiac. Thank you to the more than 30 teammates on the ground helping out that devastated community 

As of Tuesday, Sept. 18, MED-1 safely arrived to Pender County, NC Monday afternoon after a long drive due to many flooded roads and highways. The team was greeted by several members of the community, including the president of Pender Memorial, which is currently closed.

As of Sunday, Sept. 16, Carolinas MED-1 was deployed by the state to Pender County, NC, where there has been widespread flooding and closure of their local hospital. MED-1 will serve as the only medical facility within a 50-mile radius. MED-1 will also have a behavioral health peer support specialist to help with any emotional support that may be needed, including helping evacuees deal with anxiety, fear, loss or other struggles because of the storm. This is the first time MED-1 will deploy with behavioral health support.

As of Thursday, Sept. 13, Atrium Health evacuated 15 patients from the coast of North and South Carolina. Helicopter crew is still on standby.

As of Wednesday, Sept. 12, our fixed wing aircraft has also assisted in the evacuation of 11 patients from Brunswick and New Hanover to Carolinas Medical Center and other North Carolina hospitals.


Tiniest Evacuees

Two of the smallest evacuees from New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington are now calling Levine Children’s Hospital home. Baby boy Dariel and baby girl Sa’Briyah Lanay are both just barely over one pound. They arrived via a specialized MedCenter Air neonatal airplane ambulance on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

Free Virtual Visits During Hurricane Florence  

Atrium Health is now offering free Virtual Visits for those impacted by Hurricane Florence. Those suffering from minor injuries and illnesses such as cold and flu, pinkeye, or urinary tract infections for females, can choose a video visit, which will allow them to speak with a medical provider from the comfort and safety of their home – for free. Patients will need to use the coupon code FLORENCE to receive this discount. (Individuals may be limited in how many times they can redeem this offer code.)

MedCenter Air Responds

As of Monday, Sept. 17, MedCenter Air responded to FEMA’s call for help to assist victims of Hurricane Florence who are located on the coast of North Carolina.

Atrium Health nurses and respiratory therapists have already made an impact to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. They provided more than just staffing, but also gave New Hanover's team a break.

"Standing ovation," says Mary Ellen Bonczek, NHRMC's chief nursing executive. "Second team just arrived. We are forever grateful."

CHS Blue Ridge and Cone Health also sent teammates today to help NHRMC for the next couple of days. "We are happy to assist and know that our partners would do the same if we had the needs," says Kathy Bailey, president and CEO of Blue Ridge. "At times like this, it becomes very evident that being part of a system is good for all."


Some Awesome Work Our Members Are Doing:

New Hanover compiles list of resources to help in the recovery of hurricane Florence devastation:

Southeastern Health weathers the storm thanks to employee and provider commitment & service:

Southeastern Health has made allowances for people who are on oxygen compressors to camp out in their lobby, where their life-sustaining machines will have continual power:

Incredible helicopter liftoff at Columbus Regional:

Scotland ER doctors step in and take care of a teenager fighting for his life after the storm: